Road signs in South Africa

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This section covers guidance, information, regulatory, and warning signs for your South African learner’s license test.

Road sign groupings

K53 road signs get grouped into the following categories:

  1. Guidance and information signs.
  2. Regulatory signs.
  3. Warning signs.
  4. Temporary signs

Guidance and information signs

Guidance and information signs get grouped as follows:

  1. Location signs.
  2. Route marker signs.
  3. Direction signs.
  4. Tourism signs.
  5. Diagrammatic signs.
  6. Information signs.

Location signs

  • Display the name of the place you have reached or are about to arrive.
  • Some signs are grouped with a symbol to indicate the type of location.
k53 location signs
k53 location signs

Route marker signs

These signs indicate a particular route or the direction you need to travel to get to a specific route.

k53 route marker signs
k53 route marker signs

Direction signs

  • Indicate the direction to places and routes.
  • Many of these signs are combinations of several directions and route marker signs.
k53 direction
k53 direction signs

Tourism signs

Give you direction and information as a tourist on places of interest, services or rest facilities.

K53 tourism signs
K53 tourism signs

Diagrammatic signs

Indicate the pattern of traffic lanes ahead of you or important instructional information. The below sign instructs heavy goods vehicles to engage a lower gear.

k53 diagrammatic
k53 diagrammatic signs

Information signs

Display general information. The sign below indicates that a turn to the left leads to a dead end.

k53 information
k53 information signs

Regulatory road signs

Regulatory road signs are categorised as follows:

  1. Control signs.
  2. Command signs.
  3. Prohibition and limit signs.
  4. Reservation signs.
  5. Exclusive secondary signs.
  6. Comprehensive signs.
  7. De-restriction signs.

Control signs

Control the actions of a driver. The stop sign is an example of a control sign. You must bring your vehicle to a complete stop when you see a stop sign

k53 control signs
k53 control signs

Command signs

  • You must follow the indication for an action that the driver must take.
  • This sign indicates you must travel at a minimum speed of 50km/h.
K53 command
K53 command signs

Prohibition & limitation signs

  • Prohibit you from performing specific actions.
  • These signs instruct you on the limits that must be adhered to.
  • In this example, the sign is a regulatory limit sign limiting drivers to a speed of 100km/h.
k53 prohibition and limitation
k53 prohibition and limitation signs

Reservation signs

Indicate that the roadway, lane or parking area used is for certain classes of vehicles only.

k53 reservation signs
k53 reservation signs

Exclusive secondary signs

  • These signs are grouped with any regulatory sign to indicate that it applies only to that situation.
  • In this example, the exclusive secondary sign is the motorcycle illustration. It’s grouped with a regulatory limit sign.
  • The signs indicate you must drive at a speed limit of 100km/h if riding a motorcycle.
k53 exclusive secondary
k53 exclusive secondary signs

Comprehensive signs

  • Comprehensive signs indicate that you are about to enter a roadway or area governed by a complete set of rules.
  • This sign indicates you are entering a residential area and that children may be at play.
k53 comprehensive
k53 comprehensive road signs

De-restriction signs

De-restriction signs indicate that you are about to exit a roadway or area governed by a comprehensive set of rules.

K53 de-restriction
K53 de-restriction signs

Warning signs

Warning signs are categorised as follows:

  1. The direction of travel signs.
  2. Symbolic signs.
  3. Hazard warning markers.
  4. Road layout signs.

The direction of travel signs

  • Indicate the direction of travel that lies ahead by using arrows. You can see from the indicators that the direction of travel is circular.
  • In this example, the sign indicates a warning to you that there is a roundabout ahead.
k53 direction of travel
k53 direction of travel signs

Symbolic signs

  • Use symbols to indicate the nature of what lies ahead of you.
  • In this example, the symbol used is a control sign (stop).
  • The warning sign indicates there is a stop street ahead of you. This way, you are not taken by surprise by a sudden stop.
K53 symbolic
K53 symbolic road signs

Hazard warning markers

  • These markers enhance driver safety and get placed near a hazard indicating the position of the danger.
  • In this example, the risk is to the left.
k53 hazard warning markers
k53 hazard warning markers

Road layout signs

  • Indicate the layout of the road ahead.
  • In this example, the sign warns you that the two-lane road you are travelling will begin to split.
K53 road layout
K53 road layout signs

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Road markings in South Africa

Road markings in South Africa

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